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TRACK 1: BREASTFEEDING PROGRAM - (50 minutes) Soothing music and subliminal sounds of breastfeeding. 

PUMPING SECRETS actually empowers you! While breastfeeding your baby and listening to the Breastfeeding Program, YOU are creating the associations you will recall with your baby when it’s time for you to transition to part-time pumping. 

1. Take full advantage of your entire early motherhood and maternity leave. Use PUMPING SECRETS during your earliest nursing sessions at home. 

2. Nurse each time in the same quiet, intimate environment. Clear your mind and relax your body. 

3. Listen to the Breastfeeding Program as you nurse your baby. As you listen to the music, stay mindful of your senses. Enjoy your baby’s soft skin, wonderful smell, and satisfied rhythmic sucking noises. You will hear the same peaceful tunes over and over again. The BREASTFEEDING PROGRAM of PUMPING SECRETS  is essential to your success. Each nursing session you listen to the BREASTFEEDING PROGRAM will create sensory associations that help you connect the music with to your baby.   Achieve the highest levels of success with PUMPING SECRETS, and listen to the BREASTFEEDING PROGRAM as often as possible. Listen during each nursing session and enjoy as much of the BREASTFEEDING PROGRAM's music as you can when with your baby.  Use while nursing, cuddling, playing, relaxing and any opportunity available while you are with your baby and it will enhance the sensory associations you will need to help you express your milk when away from baby.


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