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  • How does Pumping Secrets work?
    PUMPING SECRETS uses music and baby sounds to connect with your body and mind, and helps your body do its job!
  • How can you increase your chances of breastfeeding success?
    Use PUMPING SECRETS right from the start! PUMPING SECRETS builds confidence - promotes relaxation - increases milk production and letdown reflex to make pumping easier and more efficient. You can do this ... just relax. Nature has already insured your body will respond!
  • What's in the audio file?
    Three simple listening programs (includes detailed instuctions): 1. Breastfeeding (50 min.) 2. Single Pumping (20 min.) 3. Double Pumping (10 min.)
  • Will Pumping Secrets work for me?
    A breastfeeding mom is a sophisticated blend of emotions, hormonal responses and reflexes. As a matter of fact, just the thought of breastfeeding, or the sound of any baby, can stimulate your letdown reflex! So let PUMPING SECRETS enhance your pumping experience by stimulating a greater milk supply, gently and naturally.
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