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How it Works

PUMPING SECRETS actually empowers you! While breastfeeding your baby and listening to the Breastfeeding Program, YOU are creating the associations you will recall with your baby when it’s time for you to transition to part-time pumping.

PUMPING SECRETS instills confidence. How? You’re prepared because you listened to the Breastfeeding Program during each nursing session. You’ve relaxed and savored every nursing moment with your baby.

Why does it work? A breastfeeding mother is designed to respond to the sight, sounds and feel of an infant, and nature insured that a mother’s body responds to any infant, not just her own! The combination of music and baby sounds on the PUMPING SECRETS playlist, stimulates the memory of your baby, triggering your reflexes so your milk flow increases, effortlessly!

Mom pumping from both breasts with two full bottles in front of her
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